Life’s Simple Pleasures – What Are Yours?

Researchers at One Poll, polled 6,000 adults in UK, US, Singapore, and Australia to determine all the little things that bring joy. The researchers came up with a list of the top 50 responses for each country; here are the top 10, by country. UK Top 50 Simple Pleasures 1. Feeling of sun on yourContinue reading “Life’s Simple Pleasures – What Are Yours?”

[466] Space Love + Featured in Top 100 Poetry Blogs (2021)

I water my desert pain ⁣with your name ⁣Your sun flare gaze⁣lights up auroras⁣But in a city⁣the stars only dazzle in ⁣dreams You find my light ⁣waning by your side⁣Premonitions come to you as deja vu ⁣Realisations of changing feelings⁣You leave my orbit to create⁣your own planet to watch my ⁣supernova I happened to checkContinue reading “[466] Space Love + Featured in Top 100 Poetry Blogs (2021)”

Blog Featured in Top 100 Poetry Blogs

It gives me immense pleasure to share with you all that my blog “Shayan’s Sphere” is featured in the excellent list of top 100 poetry blogs and websites to follow in 2021 on Feedspot. I know many of you have already come across this list and many of your blogs has already been featured byContinue reading “Blog Featured in Top 100 Poetry Blogs”

Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Read Pre-Blog

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish and now hosted by Jana at That Artsy Reader Girl. For the rules see her blog. The topic this week is: Books I’d Gladly Throw in the Ocean, but as I’d never throw books into the ocean, my topic is Books I ReadContinue reading “Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Read Pre-Blog”

Tips for bloggers #5: Leverage your identity

Some of my best friends are anonymous But that doesn’t increase their subscriber counts Not so long ago, from an entirely personal perspective, I was reflecting upon the modern-day strangeness of having some dear blogger-friends who remain entirely anonymous to me. The question of whether or not to reveal (or, for that matter, to what extentContinue reading “Tips for bloggers #5: Leverage your identity”

Writing contest by Soni✍🏻💖

Hola my lovely peeps, my amazing friends, my all time supporters how are you all doing… Hope all are safe at your places!!So guys today i thought to do something different…So this beautiful idea knocked my head, why not to organize a small interesting contest peeps?? Whats say?So being a saggi i am totally natureContinue reading “Writing contest by Soni✍🏻💖”

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